We provide you with 24 hours services and we have improved cold room facilities. We also give you a complete solution if you have any questions or doubts regarding nutrients. We have a sizeable team to serve you to the best of our ability free of charge. We are the importing and exporting of Super Speciality Medicines, CDC / EPA Registration Hygiene Specialty Disinfectant Chemicals and many more.

We have a long-standing relationship with Lonza disinfectant a global leader in the science world, Ecolab disinfectant and Oxyl-Pro disinfectant  We, as well as all our customers, have been enjoying the benefits of the products .

With economic perspective in mind and for the benefit of the society we serve, doing and exporting of Super Speciality Life Saving Medicines, Narcotices Medicines, Pain and Palivated products and the Surgical products.

Exporting Ayurvedic Medicine & Siddha Medicine products

Exporting Tea, Spices, Moringa Oleifera - Moringaceae (organic) products, Vermicelli, Millet, Diet Health Mix 

Exporting Fragrance and Flavours